4story game review

It provides Zoom In/Zoom Out, Camera turn for changing the view point. You can make your character the legend in the virtual world through various wars against your foes. With a specific end goal to be a notable saint, fortify your weapons and grow up emphatically. More grounded weapons and reinforces will make you make due in this Chaos.

Three kingdoms are facing each other without a touch of yield, pushing every history and truth of those three kingdoms. One legend, why should conceived make sense of reality that was covered in countless years, is you who hopped into this universe of disarray.

Missions that surpass space and time, blurring from past to future, even into recollections of others.

Expansive scaled war framework put ordinary and all around at the same time.

4Story Key Features:

3 Races and 6 playable classes (Archers, Assassins, Priests, Summoners, Warriors, and Wizards).

Players begin with a mount, which makes voyaging helpful from the begin.4story-online

Changed PvP alternatives (Duels, Aerial Wars, Territory Wars, Dragon Invasion, Battle Grounds, and Battle of Worlds).

Players begin with the majority of their abilities and upgrade the ones they like as they level.

Players select 1 of 2 groups, Craxion or Defugel, after achieving level 9.


– Territory occupation; In the realm of Iveria, there are different regions to be asserted by your Kingdom. More domains possessed by your Kingdom will allows you with more places to voyage and more fortunes to discover. At predetermined time of every single day, the fight for the territory occupation will break out between two opponent kingdoms “Craxion” and “DeFugel”. Battle for your kingdom! Slice the leaders of your foe! Guarantee what is legitimately yours!

– Quests; Apart from primary missions around reality of three kingdoms, assorted sub-journeys, and concealed missions holds up all of you. Particular voice of NPCs will convey you one stage nearer to this present reality of 4Story. Glance around! You may keep running into a mission with crushing remunerates

– Time go; Past and future, stories notwithstanding blurring into other’s recollections. Different stories (journey) are sitting tight for you. Try not to think all that you see. There are amazing insider facts and enterprises in every part of 4Story. An example prison that finishes every section provides confuse for you to discover behind insider facts of 4Story. Search for pieces of information! Discover replies to the old privileged insights!

– Ultimate thing; Looking for a fanciful weapon appreciated by all? Searching for fatal weapons that will cutoff different heads of adversary with a solitary blow? In the realm of 4Story, you will discover extensive variety of qualified weapons from Grade “F” to Grade “SSS”. In addition, you may update your weapons up to most extreme level of +24. That is not all every last weapon holds extraordinary alternatives. If you locate an old dusty weapon yet with remarkable choices, don’t hurl them out. You can exchange those choices to your own definitive thing.

– RSCS; Enough with cutting ceaselessly adversaries you find in front. 4Story provides remarkable framework to utilize strategies and systems. With a straightforward snap of a mouse utilizing the smaller than normal guide, the president can screen the constant fight circumstance. Not just you can pinpoint the correct area of each of the 48 individuals under you charge, yet you can likewise give out orders to accumulate, assault, hold, and snare in certain area to make the fight circumstance more reasonable.

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